Vinyl Graphics

Depending on the final use for your items, SmartWear Imprints is here to help you decide the best method to decorate various garments. Several types of vinyl (i.e., glitter, neon or matte colors) each offer a different look to achieve the results you desire.

To help you choose if you need Vinyl over Direct-to-Garment is to look at how many colors makes up your image. Vinyl graphics are typically one- or two-color processes. Read about Direct-to-Garment Printing if you desire full color. Also when you look at your image or logo do the colors overlap one another or are they distinctly separated. If they are distinctly separated, then vinyl graphics may be your best bet.

The latest craze in vinyl prinitng is window graphics to promote your kids' sports interest, favorite pet or to promote your business. We can do window graphics as low as $1.00 a print! Call 971-221-2435 for a quote today.

With vinyl graphics, Smartwear Imprints can create:

  • Sport teams jerseys with names & numbers on back and team name on front
  • Same design on garments for a family reunion or group event
  • Quality printing for a special event, like wedding, company picnic or Bar Mitzvah
  • Company logos
  • Monograms for home decor or personal accessories

Email us your design in a .jpg format to place an order. Or if you'd like, design your own graphic and we can turn your creation into reality with the help of our graphic design services.


You can print on any type of fabric that you desire, from lunch bags to baseball caps and of course T-shirts too! Only your choice of garment limits the size you can print on.

Go to the Apparel page for a wide array of garments and accessories to choose from.

Email us your design in a .jpg format. Remember, there is no minimum order requirements.