SmartWear Imprints provides a wide array of branding options, including custom logo embroidery and monograms. Embroidered shirts, hats, jackets and polos are the perfect way to create a professional and consistent image throughout your business. Personalized embroidery also makes great gifts for guests of your wedding, birthday, fundraiser or other event.

Select images, words, phrases, fonts and colors of your choice to create a design that represents you, your business or your event. SmartWear Imprints has over 200 thread colors, 100 fonts and 20,000 stock images to choose from, so you can match your existing logo, make a new design or create fun party favors. There is no minimum order requirement, so you customize each piece, make a special selection for your small group or order just for yourself. SmartWear Imprints also fulfills large orders for events and groups of all sizes.

SmartWear Imprints is pleased to customize your order based on your preferences, needs, schedule and budget. For more information on custom logo embroidery and monograms in the Portland area, and Gresham, OR, contact SmartWear Imprints today.


You can embroider on any type of fabric that you desire, from baseball caps to polo shirts and of course dress shirts too!

Go to the Apparel page for a wide array of garments and accessories to choose from.

Email us your design in a .jpg format. Remember, there is no minimum order requirement.